5 Interior Design Tips For Your Luxury Wicker Park Condo

PCR Group|May 17, 2022

Wicker Park real estate is coveted for its beautiful architecture, its location in a bustling and modern neighborhood, and the quality of the properties. Wicker Park condos are a great canvas to fill your home with your unique taste and personality. Since Chicago homes are the largest out of any major urban area in the United States, you don’t have the same space constraints that the average city dweller does. Designing a condo to its fullest potential is a different game than doing so with a house. Condos are built with different functionality in mind, so you may find that many interior design tips don’t land quite right in your new home. At the same time, condo design doesn’t have to be overly simplistic or flat. Wicker Park is known for being an area that is trendy, fun, and exciting. If you’ve made an effort to live here, you want your design to pop in the same ways. The PCR Group has some fresh, contemporary tips that rely on tried and true design fundamentals to elevate luxury Wicker Park condos to their fullest potential.

Tips for decorating your Wicker Park real estate

Consider cohesion


Whether your design choices are bold or minimalist, one design decision that gives luxury Wicker Park condos an upscale atmosphere with ease is keeping the same design elements throughout the whole home. When picking fabrics, color schemes, and furniture, think about making choices that would work for every room. This might mean choosing a color scheme with more options and variety, so there isn’t too much monotony in the space. Stick to similar shapes and upholstery with the furniture. Match all of the curtains in the rooms, keep all linens in similar ranges, and have carpets that blend well with each other. Having the whole space designed in the same manner makes it look really intentional and chic. This design choice sings when the elements you go with aren’t too muted or square. The design will look a bit cookie-cutter if the more minor details in the accessorization are kept minimal. This is an excellent option for people who like a design that is neither extremely bold nor extremely bare.

Make your storage the design

Storage is always a question when it comes to condos. You don’t want the space to feel cluttered, but you also don’t want to go digging every time you need your toaster. One way to capitalize on your storage space while simultaneously boosting your interior design is to open up your storage, so it is more visible. Putting cups and plates on floating shelves in the kitchen or lining the living room with bookshelves to display personal items hits two design birds with one stone. You create spaces to house your belongings where you can access them easily, but also use them to make the space yours. This may sound like it could get very cluttered, but it cuts down on the amount of accessorization you need since your belongings become the accessorization. For the Marie Kondo lovers, this immediately allows you to show your personality in your prized possessions and only bring things into the house that you’d want to show off.

Fill the walls

Condos have a lot of walls. The space is generally much more broken up than the average home. Often, there are extra corners and small spaces to accommodate water heaters or appliances being tucked away. This provides a lot of real estate to use the walls to a design advantage. If you like a more minimalist space, you can keep furniture basic and minimal in the vein of the mid-century modern style, then turn the walls into your own gallery space. Using different shapes and textures, fill the walls with artwork or sentimental items. This is an excellent opportunity to hit the vintage shops in the area. Your design will be one of a kind since most of it is dependent on unique items you handpicked yourself. You’d be surprised at how finished the space looks once everything is hung, keeping the floor space of your condo free to use or stay open. You can bring the artwork right up to the ceiling to draw attention to the condo’s height. This design tip is practical if you have kids or pets, since you won’t have to worry about them knocking over vases or losing ground space that you need for taking care of them. All of your fragile items are out of their reach.

Get squiggly with it

All of those walls make for many straight lines in a condo. Condos are generally built with a lot of right angles and edges. Using those to a design advantage can go one of two ways. Keep the straight lines going for a clean and airy atmosphere, or use them as a canvas to get creative with unexpected shapes and forms. Rounded, bulbous shapes are becoming popular as interior design trends move away from more traditional methods. The contrast of round and straight comes together to look very retro wealthy while at the same time being in fashion. Another practical bonus of this design choice is that the furniture tends to be much more comfortable than straighter varieties. This is great for condos needing to maximize seating and recreation areas. 

Go bold

As previously stated, luxury interior design is moving further away from the more rigid rules and definitions that have been popular in the past. Contemporary trends are about personality and bold choices. If you’re drawn to an idea and want to tie it into your space, do so. Don’t be afraid to go with the flamingo wallpaper or the futuristic chandelier. Grab a stack of celebrity architecture and design magazines, and you’ll be sure to find countless ways to incorporate such bold choices into your space.

Ready to find your own Wicker Park home?

Wicker Park real estate is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your interior design. The elegantly constructed spaces and eclectic neighborhood provide a wealth of inspiration from start to finish. If you’re still looking for your condo canvas, reach out to the trusted local agents at the PCR Group for help finding your dream home.

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